After spending a decade making wine in the Cahors region of South-West France, as well
as collectively working forty plus vintages across nine different countries; Simon and Lauren have returned back to New Zealand to make wine under their own label ‘A Thousand Gods’. Their aim is to make wines they can call their own, both representative of site, yet in their own way, surprisingly unique.

Working closely with their biodynamic grower in the Waihopai Valley of Marlborough, meticulously farmed grapes are hand-picked and undergo wild fermentation. No additions, fining or filtration processes are used. Instead, thoughtful guidance into becoming wines that are generous and approachable, yet
also complex and cellar-worthy.


Our name is inspired by an expression in Occitan 'miladiou' (mille-dieux in French). Occitan was the language spoken in the south of France prior to French, and certain dialects of Occitan can still be heard in rural areas of southern France today, although the language is gradually dying out. “Miladiou!” is an exclamation of surprise that can be used in a myriad of situations and an English equivalent would be Blimey! or Holy Cow! but it literally translates as “A Thousand Gods!”